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Introduced in the late 1960s by British Rail as part of a new corporate image many of these signs are still to be found on modern railway platforms.

British Rail Station Signs

BRM2(1)                                 A6 Pack





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Eras 6 - 9  1967 to date


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Signage to be found in the station environment including health & safety and station car park signs.

Additional Station Signs

BRM2(2)                                 A6 Pack


Page Header British Rail and current 3


RETB Signage

RETB2                                    A6 Pack


A wide selection of signage associated with rural lines in Scotland, Wales and Suffolk operated by Radio Electronic Token Block. Pack comes with detailed notes and instructions.


Railway Modeller Review RETB RETB (2)

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N Gauge 2mm  1/148

A selection of speed and other lineside signs to be found on the modern railway.

Modern Lineside Signs

MLSS2                                    A6 Pack


Modern rail side signs  2mm N gauge combo Modern BR British Rail modern 2mm Pack 2 British Rail modern 2mm Pack 2 Detail British Rail modern 2mm Pack 1 combination saver logo

On-line exclusive - Buy BRM2(1), BRM2(2) & MLSS2 packs together and

save over 10%.

British Rail Signage

Combination Pack

Comb Mod BR2  £8.85

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Detail of Additional Station Signs Pack as featured above - click on image

1A RETB Signs  2mm

British Rail TMD Signage

TMDBR2                                A6 Pack





Railfreight TMD Signage

TMDFR2                                A6 Pack


Freightliner TMD Signage

TMDF2                                A6 Pack





All the signage you will require if modelling a Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD). Packs include depot company name signs, line side signage as well as a wide range of health & safety signs in addition to other details.

EWS TMD Signage

TMDEWS2                              A6 Pack


DB Schenker TMD Signage

TMDDB2                                A6 Pack


Network Rail TMD Signage

TMDNetR2                              A6 Pack


Railfreight TMD signs  2mm Network Rail TMD signs  2mm EWS TMD signs  2mm BR TMD signs  2mm Freightliner TMD signs  2mm DB TMD signs  2mm Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart

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Customised Depot Packs

Sankey Scenics Depots N Gauge Depot Pack (8) DB Sch SPREV

Click this link to find out more about Customised Depot Packs for N gauge / 2mm scale.

N Gauge Customised Depot Packs

Sankey Scenics is able to offer a range of customised Depot Packs for British Rail & Regions, Sectorisation and a selection of post privatisation companies.


These A6 packs are excellent value and are usually despatched within a day of ordering. An additional depot signage pack which includes lineside signage, health and safety signage together with other details is also available.

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Sankey Scenics can offer customised Station Packs for British Rail & Network SouthEast. These come with a selection of Name boards, poster and timetable boards, as well as general station & health and safety signage. These A5 packs provide outstanding value at just £8.95. These packs are usually despatched within a couple of days of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link.

Customised Station Packs


Modern Station Packs N Corporate magnified LOGO Sankey Scenics small


Network South East YSN2 Network South East YSN N Gauge Depot Pack (21) N Gauge Depot Pack (34)


motorail pic 1 motorail pic 3


1 Terminal Signage Post1 Post2

Motorail terminal Detailing Pack

motorail2                                                                                       A5 Pack


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Printed to our usual high resolution, this pack contains a wealth of signage and accessories including directional signage, poster & timetable boards, informational signs as well as indicator boards and platform and vehicle loading signage.

Motorail directional signage 2L N Gauge British Rail Motorail A5 Pack


N Mot Post (3) N Mot Post (2) N Mot Post (1) N Mot Post (6) Post2 1 Terminal Signage

British Rail Station Signs

BRM2 PB                                A6 Pack



Post1 British Rail modern 2mm Posters British Rail 70s 8 Add to Cart

Pack includes many poster and timetable boards for detailing stations set in the British Rail period

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Garage Signs                      

Garage2                                  A6 Pack


Traffic Warning Signs

RTS/W&R2                             A6 Pack





Traffic Warning signage that is common on the highways of the United Kingdom.Road signs are printed on card - require no support

This pack contains a wide selection of signage that is used at railway level crossings throughout the UK.

Have the authentic look with a selection of signs that were common from the 1950s until the early 1970s. Includes interior notice boards and signs as well as a range of forecourt signage.

Level Crossing Signage

MLC2                                     A6 Pack


Garage Signs 2mm PRINTER 445 Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Traffic Warning and Regulatory 2mm British Rail modern Level Crossing 2mm




LOGO Sankey Scenics small

Unfortunately, these road signs are only too common! They give you the opportunity to display a line of those cars you have bought for the layout!

A selection of signage for traffic calmed and speed restricted areas.Road signs are printed on card - require no support

Road Traffic Works Signs

RTS/RTWS2                            A6 Pack


Traffic Calming Signage

RTS/SC2                                A6 Pack


Add to Cart Add to Cart Traffic Road works 2mm Traffic Calming and Speed Cameras 2 mm stop look Listen

On-line exclusive - Buy three

packs together and save over 15%.

Road Traffic Signs Combination Pack

CombRTS2/N  £8.80

Traffic Warning, Traffic Calming & Road Traffic Works packs.

Add to Cart combination saverS logo Road Traffic N gauge Combo

Take a look in the British Railways Section for other items that might be of use.

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