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Street Name Signs

SN2                                       A6 Pack


Girder Bridge Adverts for PECO

GIRDAP2 A                                                                A5 Pack


Factory & Industry Signage   Pack 2

FACT2(2)                                                                   A5 Pack


Factory & Industry Signage   Pack 1

FACT2(1)                                                                       A5 Pack


Shop Signs & Displays  Pack 2

SHOP2(2)                                                                   A5 Pack


Shop & Business Signs

S&BS2                                                                        A5 Pack


Shop Signs & Displays  Pack 1

SHOP2(1)                                                                   A5 Pack


Public House Signs

PUB2                                      A6 Pack


Manholes & Drains

MD2                                       A6 Pack



Clocks2                                  A6 Pack


Billboards 1970s  Pack 1

Bill70N(1)                                                                     A5 Pack


Billboards 1970s  Pack 2

Bill70N(2)                                                                     A5 Pack


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LOGO Sankey Scenics small

For larger view of packs - click on images



Billboard packs include a variety of posters for brands and products from the period. Can be applied to simple wall or free-standing hoardings (Instructions included).



Eras 6 - 9  1967 to date

Page Header British Rail and current 3

Warehouse & Industrial Units

WUS2                                                                        A5 Pack




Warehouse (2) Warehouse (3)

A huge selection of signage for industrial units and warehouses. Includes over 150 signs with names, general signs, warning strips and wide range of health & safety signage. All you need for detailing that industrial park!

For larger view of packs - click on images

N Gauge 2mm  1/148

2mm Warehouse & Industrial Units

Two useful packs with a wide range of signs for the industrial and lineside environment that last well into the 1970s/80s. Pack includes business names together with general signage appropriate to the industrial setting.

2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 2 2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 1



This pack contains a selection of advertisements that were often found on the sides of railway bridges over busy roads. Some are still to be found in urban environments throughout the UK. Ideal for detailing PECO NB-39 Plate Girder Bridge sides over roadways.

N Gauge PECO Pack Girder bridge




Typical of many to be found throughout the UK. Appropriate for period and modern layouts / dioramas. Includes a wide range of signage to give your model pub authenticity.

This pack contains street and road name signage covering the most popular street names in the UK. Pack also includes hydrant signs.

A selection of manhole and drain covers including sewer, water, TV  and Telecommunication junction boxes.

Manholes and drains N Street Name Signs 2mm Pub Signs 2mm New Printer 445

Public House Signs PUB2 - Every model railway has to have a pub or more! These signs are typical of many to be found throughout the UK. Very few pubs are similar and therefore where you place the signs is up to you. Look at pictures of pubs or have a site visit for research purposes!

Click on image for detail.

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Pub Signs 2mm Detail


A selection of clock faces for station platforms, civic & public buildings and model interiors.

CLOCKS 2mm Add to Cart



These miniature displays and signs will greatly enhance your model shops and high street. Ideal for detailing Metcalfe model shops or scratch building projects. Includes Grocers, Bakers, Fish & Chips, Off Licence, Ladies Hairdressers, TV & Radio, Ironmongers, China & Glass, & Undertakers.

The second pack of miniature displays and signs for model shops. and high street. Includes Toy Shop, Bookshop, Turf Accountant, Music Shop, Butchers, Estate Agents, Barbers, Clothes Shop, Sweet Shop & Cafe.

N Gauge shop signs N Gauge shop signs 2 Add to Cart Add to Cart


A wide selection of business names including Library, Town Hall, Bank and Post Office Signs.

Shop and Business signs 2mm


Assorted Trackside Signs

TRACKS2                             A6 Pack


Assorted Trackside Signs 2mm Add to Cart

A huge assortment of trackside signs many of which lasted until the late 1960s/early 70s. Includes well over 100 signs making it exceptional value.


2 Stockton Mill Shops 2 Bristol North Shop

Examples of Shop signs and Displays in addition to other signage packs in use on two layouts. On the right is a selection of small shops on 'Stockton Mill'. On the left is a grocery shop that features on Kevin Murphy's 'Bristol North'. Detail - click on image

LOGO Sankey Scenics small Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart N Gauge Billboards 70 1 N Gauge Billboards 70 2 pit head art J1


Colliery / Coal Mine Signage Packs

Modern NCB sign Vandalised and weathered National Coal Board Managed Sign National Coal Board signs 4 revised - Copy National Coal Board sign keep out 2 National Coal Board Tresspass - Copy LOGO Sankey Scenics small 2mm Colliery Signs 67.87  NCB detail 2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67 Detail

Detail- click on images




Colliery Signs 1947 - late 60s

MINE2 47/67                           A6 Pack


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Colliery Signs  1967 - 87

MINE2 67/87                           A6 Pack


Colliery Signs  1987 - 94

MINE2 87/94                           A6 Pack


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These packs will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to such features their layouts.


The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The packs include some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show ownership. The packs cover three periods of British Coal mining:


National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.


NCB 1967-87: mines were still in public ownership, modernisation and corporate branding is evident in the array of signage that began to appear including general health and safety notices. One of the signs reflects the turbulent period of industrial rest that swept through the industry in the early 1980s.


British Coal 1987-94: The Coal Industry Act of 1987 saw the Demise of the National Coal Board and the formation of the British Coal Corporation. The loss of a large number of coal fired electricity stations and cheap imports of coal saw the industry go into rapid decline. Privatisation soon followed and the loss of what had been a major industry dwindled to a few mines.


Also available as customised packs - see Bespoke Page for details

2mm Colliery Signs 87.94  NCB 2mm Colliery Signs 67.87  NCB 2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67 LOGO Sankey Scenics small

In addition to our customised Station and other packs, we are able to offer a bespoke service to produce items that you want. Take a look at the Bespoke Page by following the links.

Take a look in the British Railways Section for other items that might be of use.

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