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Train Reporting Numbers Western Region

TRN-WR                                 A6 Pack


Train Reporting Numbers Midland Region

TRN-MR                                 A6 Pack


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OO Gauge 4mm 1/76




LOGO Sankey Scenics small

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LOGO Sankey Scenics small

These posters were often applied to the sides of vans particularly in the 1950s & 60s. Period photographs show them on goods stock. These were often applied to block trains for ease of identification. These self adhesive labels will provide your freight stock with additional detail and authenticity.



Carriage Prints Pack 1

CP4(1)                                   A6 Pack



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Wagon/Van Posters Set 1

WP4(1)                                   A6 Pack




Wagon/Van Posters Set 3

WP4(3)                                   A6 Pack


Wagon/Van Posters Set 2

WP4(2)                                   A6 Pack


4mm Wagon & Van Posters P1 4mm Wagon & Van Posters P2 4mm Wagon & Van Posters P3 Wagon2 Wagon1

A selection of vans with posters applied. It is easy to give them the weathered and distressed look.        


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On-line exclusive - Buy all three packs together and save over 5%.

combination saver logo Wagon Posters 1 Wagon Posters 2

Frank Collins used Wagon Poster Packs to add some extra detail to his nicely weathered vans and containers. They certainly look good.


Wagon Posters combo

Wagon Posters

Combination Pack

Comb WPost  £8.50

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The London Midland Region used their own design of train headcodes from LMS times until the end of stream in BR days. The paper character stickers were applied to a panel on the smokebox door. Self adhesive with plastic strip supplied.

The Western Region of British Railways used these steel panels for train identification until the end of steam. Self adhesive labels with plastic strip supplied allow you to make your own unique codes.

Train reporting numbers were used to identify trains in the internal working timetable. These contained one or more letters or numbers either to uniquely identify a particular train, or to denote its route (particularly on busier lines). The reporting number was displayed on the front of the loco along with the lamp headcode. This happened usually with special trains or other unusual trains (e.g. summer Saturday excursions), to allow signallers to identify unfamiliar trains and route them correctly. This code was sometimes either chalked on to the locomotive front or pasted as paper characters on to a headcode disc

These miniature prints will enhance the interior detail of 4mm scale railway carriages. Simply apply to the carriage compartment walls above the seats.

4 mm Carriage Prints 1 4 mm Carriage Prints 2

Carriage Prints Pack 2

CP4(2)                                   A6 Pack


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Titled Train Packs will allow you to model the many named trains that ran over the British railway network.


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Coach boards Liverpool to Carlisle Coach boards pic for bespoke Coachboards on slant 1


British Railways Logo

Sankey Scenics can offer you a large range of coach destination boards to detail your Mark I, GWR & Western Region rolling stock. Printed to a high resolution on quality materials, the packs come with instructions and are easy to apply.


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1 Reporting Numbers Midland Region 1 Reporting Numbers Western Region 1 WR1 2 Padd Ex Ply British Railways small 2 GWR logo

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