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LNER Boards

RBOARDLNER7                    A6 Pack


Southern Railway Boards

RBOARDSR7                       A6 Pack


Great Western Boards

RBOARDGWRR7                    A6 Pack


LMS Boards

RBOARDLMSR7                    A6 Pack


Bridge Plates & Signage

Bridge7                                                                     A5 Pack


Assorted Trackside Signs

TRACKS7                                                                A5 Pack


LNER Lineside Signs

LSS LNER7                               A6 Pack


SR Lineside Signs

LSS SR7                               A6 Pack


GWR Lineside Signs

LSS GWR7                               A6 Pack


LMS Lineside Signs

LSS LMS7                               A6 Pack


Customised Station Nameboards

StatName O7   Ornate Style                                           A5 Pack                            


Early MPD & Goods Signs

PN MPD&G7                                                                A5 Pack



CLOCK7                                                                A5 Pack


Early Station Signs

EPS7                                                                          A5 Pack


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O Gauge 7mm  1/43



Old photographs of railway stations show a profusion of this type of platform signage. Many lasted until the 1940s/1950s.

A selection of clock faces for station platforms, civic & public buildings and model interiors.


A wide selection of pre-nationalisation signage for MPDs and Goods Yards. Many of these signs could still be seen well into the British Railways period. The set includes some unusual signage together with roster boards to add that extra level of detail.

Pack contains many different types of signs including some unusual prototypical ones. The pack also includes roster boards for the MPD.       

Detail - click on image


Early Station Signs 7mm Clocks 7mm MPD Signs 7mm





A wide selection of cast lineside signs to be found on LMSR lines. Many survived well into the British Railways period and beyond.

Cast lineside signs to be found on GWR lines and the Western Region of British Railways.

An assortment of lineside signs to be found on the Southern Railway and Southern Region period of British Railways.

7mm lineside signs SR 7mm lineside signs GWR 7mm lineside signs LMS

An assortment of signs to be found by the sides of railway tracks well into the British Railways era. Signs included: Tunnels, sound whistle, catch points, pin down brakes, limit of shunt, etc.



All bridges were numbered by railway companies for identification. This pack contains a range of bridge number plates for a number of different companies as well as low bridge and clearance signage.

Bridge Plates 7mm

A wide assortment of cast lineside signs to be found onthe LNER  and the Eastern Region of British Railways.

7mm lineside signs LNER Z 7 mm Trackside PICTURE

Page 1

Era 3  1923-1947

Page Header Big Four



Customised Station Nameboards

StatName P7   Plain Style                                           A5 Pack                            


These Customised Station Nameboards are printed on high quality photographic card. Sets include scale 15 and 12 feet boards as well as Goods Depot and Signal Box and associated signage. Just contact us via email and we will produce the pack to the name of your choice.The pack includes approximately 30 signs which should prove adequate for most small and medium sized stations.If purchasing email your station name with your name and email address via our contacts page.

Station Signs A5 O gauge Ornate Station Signs A5 O gauge Plain





7 mm Big Four Railway Posters 7mm Railway Boards LMSR 7mm Railway Boards GWR RBOARDLNER7 RBOARDSR7

A selection of Railway Posters can be found on Page 2    

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Non UK 2 4632809788 MPD Signs 7mm DETAIL 75 Assorted Trackside Signs 7mm Aug

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Southern Railway Signs

STHRY PS7                                    A5 Pack


A wide selection of Southern Railway Station signage. These signs used by the Southern Railway were enamelled metal held in a wooden frame (usually back to back and hung from the platform canopy). The lettering was very distinctive; we have developed a special typeface to match the unique one used by the Southern Railway so they can be as authentic as possible.

Available as a bespoke pack are Southern Railway 'target',  running-in boards and signage for a signal box. These are made to the name of your choice.

Customised Southern Railway Targets and Signs 7mm


1 Southern Railway Station Signs 7mm REVISED 2650 Add to Cart Station Sign Pembridge Running in boards 12 feet combination saver logo

Buy the two packs together for only £12.00 (normal price £13.45).

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On-line exclusive - Buy the bespoke pack together with the Southern Railway Station Signs pack and save over 10%



10% Saving


1 Southern Railway Station Signs 7mm REVISED 2650


1 SR Targets Station 7mm Saltsea 2650 Southern Target Saltsea Town combination saver logo Southern Target Masterton Junction Southern Target Penbridge Products Page 7mm / O Big Four Page 2 7mm / O gauge Main Menu