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Customised British Railways Motive Power Depot Packs

1 STEAM DEPOT 4R View Cart Page Header British Railways

Eras 4 & 5  1948-1966

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A selection of vans with posters applied. It is easy to give them the weathered and distressed look.       

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These packs provide a wealth of signage for detailing a motive power depot of the 1950s / 60s period. Whilst the majority of the signage is of this period, there is some included in the packs from earlier periods that would have survived well into the British Railways era after nationalisation.


The packs are customised with the name that you require for your depot. All you need to do is send us the name by using the electronic form below.


Included with every pack is a sheet with three different types of NOT TO BE MOVED panels as used at sheds and depots when work was being carried out.


To order a pack:


Use the Add to Cart button for the British Railways Region that you require and then use the form (further down the page) to send us the name of the Depot that you require (remember to click the submit button).

British Railways MPD London Midland Region

CUSTBR MPD LM7                                                   A4 Pack




Add to Cart

British Railways MPD Eastern Region

CUSTBR MPD ER7                                                    A4 Pack


British Railways MPD North East Region

CUSTBR MPD NER7                                                    A4 Pack


British Railways MPD Scottish Region

CUSTBR MPD SCOT7                                                 A4 Pack


To order a pack:


Use this form to send us details of the region and name of the depot that you require (remember to click the submit button).   &


Then pay for your order using the Add to Cart button (next to the pack you want).


* Required

A4 7mm Scale  Customised MPD pack

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British Railways MPD Southern Region

CUSTBR MPD SR7                                                    A4 Pack


Chivers Lane Sign


British Railways MPD Western Region

CUSTBR MPD WR7                                                    A4 Pack



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O Gauge 7mm  1/43

7mm / O gauge Main Menu MPD SCOT 7mm ADJUSTED MPD NER 7mm ADJUSTED MPD SR 7mm ADJUSTED MPD WR 7mm ADJUSTED MPD LMR 7mm ADJUSTED MPD ER 7mm ADJUSTED 7mm Not to be Moved Signs for Packs MPD LMR 7mm ADJUSTED MPD 7mm (5) MPD 7mm (9) MPD 7mm (6) MPD SCOT DETAIL 7mm


MPD 7mm (10) MPD WR 7mm DETAIL

Packs contain a wide variety of signage including some from the pre-nationalisation period. The packs also include roster boards for the MPD together with noticeboards.      


Users of iPads, Macs, tablets & other mobile devices may experience difficulty using this form. If this is the case, then please send the name that you require for your pack by email to: [email protected]