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N Gauge 2mm  1/148  -  OO Gauge 4mm 1/76  -  O Gauge 7mm  1/43

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To order a pack:


Use this form to send us details and the name of the Colliery / Coal Mine you require (only one name per pack). Remember to include any details that you require such as the manager's name or area coalfield and importantly the period.


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Then using the Add to Cart buttons, pay for the type of pack that you want.

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Customised Colliery / Coal Mine Signage


Coasl Mines Customised Web Picture


Modern British Coal sign ORFORD MAIN National Coal Board sign main entrance ORFORD MAIN Modern NCB sign Your Name

1947 - late 1960s NCB

1967 - 1987 NCB

1987 - 94 British Coal

National Coal Board signs 4 revised - Copy National Coal Board sign Winding House Cage Numbers National Coal Board sign keep out 2

4mm / OO gauge



7mm / O gauge



2mm / N gauge



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Model of year Colliery Signage


Users of iPads, Macs, tablets & other mobile devices may experience difficulty using this form. If this is the case, then please send the name that you require for your pack by email to: [email protected]