OO Gauge 4mm Scale 1/76th Rolling Stock Accessories

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Wagon / Van Posters Set 1

A6 Pack £2.99 WP4 (1)

OO gauge 4mm Wagon Posters 2

Wagon / Van Posters Set 2

A6 Pack £2.99 WP4 (2)

Wagon & Van Posters 3

Wagon / Van Posters Set 3

A6 Pack £2.99 WP4 (3)

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These posters were often applied to the sides of vans particularly in the 1950s & 60s. Period photographs show them on goods stock. These were often applied to block trains for ease of identification. These self adhesive labels will provide your freight stock with additional detail and authenticity

Wagon & Van Posters in use

Train Reporting Numbers

Midland Region

A6 Pack £3.95 TRN-MR

Train Reporting Numbers

Western Region

A6 Pack £3.95 TRN-WR

Rolling Stock Items

Train reporting numbers were used to identify trains in the internal working timetable. These contained one or more letters or numbers either to uniquely identify a particular train, or to denote its route (particularly on busier lines). The reporting number was displayed on the front of the loco along with the lamp headcode. This happened usually with special trains or other unusual trains (e.g. summer Saturday excursions), to allow signallers to identify unfamiliar trains and route them correctly.

Destination Boards for BR (ex GER/LNER Locomotives)

A6 Pack £3.95 4DestB GER Loco

Carriage Prints Pack 1

A6 Pack £2.75 CP4(1)

Carriage Prints Pack 2

A6 Pack £2.75 CP4(2)

We produce a number of items for detailing rolling stock, including Titled Trains, coach destination boards, wagon/van posters & carriage prints. Click the links here and these will take you to the appropriate pages on our new website.

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