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A5 Pack

All 7mm / O gauge packs are produced to order but it does not take very long. All packs that are available in our 4mm / OO gauge range can be produced either as an A4 or an A5 Pack in 7mm scale.


If you are interested in having a pack produced then simply contact us via the email form below and we will get in touch with you to advise you on the cost. When you have paid by the relevant Link Button (below email form) on this page then your pack will be produced and dispatched.


A5 packs usually cost £6.99 plus postage and A4 packs cost £9.50 plus postage.





A4 Pack


Carriage Destination Boards

When modellers see the quality of our Titled Train Packs, they sometimes ask if we can produce bespoke destination boards?

We can. Names might be real or fictitious - just provide them to us and we will produce a pack for you in the railway colours that you specify. Prices vary according to the size of pack. Just drop us an email with requirements and we will get back in touch.

Your Town

Railway Carriage Destination Boards


4 mm Scale Named Train Bournemouth-Birkenhead


Eliz 3


A6 Pack

A5 Titled Train Pack £6.99

Titled Trains 7mm  1/43

logo for cabinet small LOGO Sankey Scenics small


offering excellent quality at a very affordable price.

A Titled Train Title O gauge 7 mm Scale Named Train The Royal Scot 7 mm Scale Named Train The Essex Coast Express A4 Titled Train Pack £9.50 7 mm Scale Named Train The East Anglian Dev5 Eliz 3 Eliz1 Flying1 Flying2 Queen 1 Queen 2 Queen3 logo for cabinet small Atlantic Home Page 4mm TITLED TRAINS A - C 4mm TITLED TRAINS D - H 4mm TITLED TRAINS N - R 4mm TITLED TRAINS S - Y 2mm TITLED TRAINS A - E 2mm TITLED TRAINS F - N 7mm TITLED TRAINS 4mm TITLED TRAINS I - M 4mm EXCURSION TRAINS Products Page 2mm TITLED TRAINS P - Y


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O Gauge / 7mm Titled Train Pack


Non UK


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