British Railways Titled Trains S - Y & Excursion Trains

These packs are ideal for detailing the many excellent carriages from manufacturers such as Hornby, Bachmann, Dapol and Farish. Produced in high resolution on quality photographic card, each pack includes a brief history of the titled service together with full instructions. The Titled Train Packs from Sankey Scenics offer excellent quality at a very affordable price.

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

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Stephenson Locomotive Society (SLS) Rail Tours

SLS Rail Tours

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SLS

The Saint Mungo Train

The Saint Mungo

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-ST MUN

The Scandinavian Train

The Scandinavian

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SCAND

The Scarborough Flyer Train

Scarborough Flyer

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SCARB

The Shamrock Titled Train

The Shamrock

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SHAM

The South Wales Pullman Train

South Wales Pullman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SWPULL

The South Yorkshireman Train

The South Yorkshireman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SOUTHy

The Statesman Titled Train

The Statesman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-STATES

Surbiton-Okehampton Car Carrier Train

Surbiton Car Carrier

A6 Pack £3.50 TT4-SURB

The Talisman Train

The Talisman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-TALIS

The Tees-Tyne Pullman Train

Tees-Tyne Pullman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-TTP

The Thames-Clyde Express

Thames-Clyde Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-TCE

The Thanet Belle Train

The Thanet Belle

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-THANBEL

The Tynesider Titled Train

The Tynesider

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-TYNESIDE

The Ulster Express

The Ulster Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-ULSTER

Union-castle Express

Union-Castle Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-UNION

The Waverley Titled Train

The Waverley

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-WAVE

The Welshman Titled Train

The Welshman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-WMAN

The West Riding Train

The West Riding

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-WESTR

The White Rose titled Train

The White Rose

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-WHITER

The William Shakespeare Titled Train

The William Shakespeare

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-WillS

The Yorkshire Pullman Train

Yorkshire Pullman

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-YP

The Torbay Express

Torbay Express

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-TORBAY

Welsh Holiday Specials Titled Trains

Welsh Holiday Specials

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-WHS

Quick and easy to use, the packs allow you to recreate your own named train service with the appropriate choice of coachboards, corridor tail boards and locomotive headboard. Printed to a high resolution on 240g/m2 matt photographic card, these boards when applied to coaches give them a scale thickness. Packs come with instructions and a brief histoy of the particular titled train.

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Titled Trains S - Y

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RCTS Speials

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-RCTS

SLS Rail Tours

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-SLS

The Butlins Express

The Butlin'sExpress

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-BUTLIN

Rail Tour Specials

During the 1950s and 60s, the Stephenson Locomotive Society (SLS), the Locomotive Club of Great Britain (LCGB) and the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society organised many special trains and tours. These often visited lines that had just closed to passenger traffic or were due to close. This set will allow you with modellers’ license to recreate such a tour on your own railway.

During the summer months of the 1950s and early 1960s, British Railways ran many special excursion trains. These would take holidaymakers and day trippers to popular seaside or scenic destinations. These trains ran to and from cities and towns around the country as well as many northern mining and mill town communities in West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire. Additional trains were timetabled to meet the peak demands during the "Wakes Weeks" holidays.

Some of these trains did carry special destination boards but with modellers’ licence you can have as many as you want. These boards are a scale eleven feet in length and are designed for fitting to Mark 1 carriages

Blackpool Excursion Trains

Excursion Trains to Blackpool

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-BLACK

Llandudno Excursion Trains

Excursion Trains to Llandudno

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-LLAND

Bridlington Excursion Trains

Excursion Trains to Bridlington

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-BRID

Excursion Trains to the Lake district

Excursion Trains to The Lake District

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4LAKES

Excursion Trains to Scarborough

Excursion Trains to Scarborough

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-SCAR

Excursion Trains to Morecambe

Excursion Trains to Morecambe

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-MORE

Excursion Trains to Sothport

Excursion Trains to Southport

A5 Pack £4.50 ETT-S PORT

Excursion Trains to Skegness

Excursions to Skegness & Mablethorpe

A5 Pack £4.50 ET4-SKEG

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Specials & Excursions

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

2mm Scale / N Gauge

This will take you to

7mm Scale / O Gauge

This will take you to

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