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TT gauge / 3mm Scale / 1/100

We are pleased to offer a small range of signage to support 3mm scale modellers. If you want something that is not available here then please contact us and we might be able prepare the artwork for you.

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Early MPD / Goods Signs

PN MPD3                               A6 Pack





A wide selection of pre-nationalisation signage for MPDs and Goods Yards. Many of these signs could still be seen well into the British Railways period. The set includes some unusual signage together with roster boards to add that extra level of detail.

Pack contains many different types of signs including some unusual prototypical ones. The pack also includes roster boards for the MPD.       

Detail - click on image

Old photographs of railway stations show a profusion of this type of platform signage. Many lasted until the 1940s/1950s.

Assorted Trackside Signs

TRACKS3                             A6 Pack



This assortment of trackside signs could be found well into the British Railways era. Signs included: Tunnels, sound whistle, catch points, pin down brakes, limit of shunt, etc.

Assorted Trackside Signs 3mm PreNationalisation MPD Signs 3mm Early Station Signs 3mm



Notice & Poster Boards GWR

BPTGWR3                              A6 Pack





Notice & Poster Boards LNER

BPTLNER3                              A6 Pack


Notice & Poster Boards LMS

BPTLMSR3                              A6 Pack


Notice & Poster Boards SR

BPTSR3                              A6 Pack


Notice and Poster Boards LNER3 Notice and Poster Boards LMS3 Notice and Poster Boards SR3 Notice and Poster Boards GWR3

GWR Station Boards

RBOARDGWR3                      A6 Pack



LMS Railway Posters

RPostLMS3                                                                A5 Pack



LMS Station Boards

RBOARDLMS3                      A6 Pack



LNER Station Boards

RBOARDLNER3                     A6 Pack



SR Station Boards

RBOARDSR3                      A6 Pack



7 mm Big Four Railway Posters

Great Western Railway Posters

RPostGWR3                                                                A5 Pack



Railway Boards GWR3 Railway Boards LMS3 Railway Boards SR3 Railway Boards LNER3

Southern Railway Posters

RPostSR3                                                                A5 Pack



LNER Railway Posters

RPostLNER3                                                                A5 Pack



Railway Posters SR 3mm Railway Posters GWR 3mm Railway Posters LMS 3mm Railway Posters LNER 3mm





Rusted Enamel Signs P1

RES3(1)                                 A6 Pack


Old enamel signs that once were once a common sight advertising a range of period products. Many survived until the 1950s/60s.

Rusted Enamel Signs P2

RES3(2)                                 A6 Pack


The second pack of old enamel signs that once were once a common sight advertising a range of period products.

Rusted Enamel Signs P3

RES3(3)                                 A6 Pack


Old enamel signs - the third pack. Like the other packs these are all produced from original photographs.

On-line exclusive - Buy all three packs together and save over 15%.

Enamel Signs

Combination Pack

Comb RES3  £8.80

combination saver logo Enamel Signs Pack 3 3mm Enamel Signs Pack 1 3mm Enamel Signs Pack 2 3mm

Billboards 1940s  Post War

Bill403                                                                       A5 Pack


Billboards 1930s  Pack 2

Bill303(2)                                                                       A5 Pack


Billboards 1930s  Pack 1

Bill303(1)                                                                       A5 Pack



Billboard packs include a variety of posters for brands and products from the period. These can be applied to simple wall or free-standing hoardings (Instructions included).


z for display Billboards



Billboards 30 1 3mm Billboards 30 2 3mm Billboards 40 3mm Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart

Early Station Signs

EPS3                                       A6 Pack


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Old Road Signs RTS40603 -      Detail of some of the signs in this pack that have been produced from original artwork. There are over one hundred signs to suit most situations.


Click on image for detail.




Old Road Signs 1940s-60s

RTS40603                            A6 Pack


A wide selection of signage that was in use until the introduction of the current signage.Pack comes with instructions. Signs are reproduced from original artwork.

Add to Cart

Garage Signs

Garage3                                  A6 Pack


Give your model garage the authentic look with a selection of signs that were common from the 1950s until the early 1970s. Includes interior notice boards and signs as well as a wide range of forecourt signage.

Add to Cart OLD Road signs 3mm Garage Signs 3mm




BR Platform Signs



These A6 packs contain lots of enamel platforms signs and boards were introduced by British Railways shortly after nationalisation for the 6 regions. The majority survived until the late 1960s / early 1970s.


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BR Platform Signs



BR Platform Signs



Add to Cart Add to Cart BR ER 3mm BR LMR 3mm BR SR 3mm

BR Platform Signs




BR Platform Signs




BR Platform Signs

Scottish Region BRPLAT Scot3


Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart BR WR 3mm BR NER 3mm BR Scot R 3mm

Billboards 1950s  Pack 1

Bill503(1)                                                                       A5 Pack




Size:A6 Pack


BR Notice & Poster Boards



Add to Cart 2mm BR poster boards DETAIL

A large selection of notice and poster boards for stations set in the British Railways period. The pack includes British Railway publicity posters, holiday posters and timetables.

BR P (5) BR P (4) BR P (6) BR Poster & Notice 3mm

Billboards 1950s  Pack 2

Bill503(2)                                                                       A5 Pack


Billboards 50 2 3mm Billboards 50 1 3mm Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart

Billboards 1960s  Pack 1

Bill603(1)                                                                       A5 Pack




Billboards 1960s  Pack 2

Bill603(2)                                                                       A5 Pack


If you require something in 3mm scale that is available in other scales then please contact us and we will see if this can be produced (subject to artwork suitability).

Please note that due to the large number of packs we have at exhibitions, we are unable to carry the  3mm stock items at exhibitions. However, if there are specific ones you wish to collect at an exhibition venue then please contact us at least a week before the exhibition date.

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